About Us

In 1995 Dr Tom Johnson started a quest for wholeness for his patients and himself. This website is the result.

The world is full of companies that only want the bottom dollar. It can be hard to decipher the lingo, media hype, etc. For example, there are new nutritional documents published every 3 seconds! Most of these articles are from a misleading media only wanting an increased circulation.

Dr Johnson only approves of what has been tried, tested and true. If it is not readily available, he will search it out.  When not available, he will make it.

While your on the website, you can ask Dr Johnson questions and get down to earth answers. He says, "The best way to ensure your own health is to take charge of it yourself."  Understand what is going on with your health. Ask questions until you can understand it and make informed decisions.

Dr Johnson gives private classes (5 participants minimum) on nutrition, biomagnetics, single point tens therapy, allergy desensitization, supplement use, herbology, hypnotherapy, homeopathics, reflexology, etc.


Dr Johnson has been awarded a permanent place in the national registry of who's who for fibromyalgia research, biomagnetics, nutrition and research on water. He has studied over 200 chiroprcatic techniques, iridology, reflexology, allergy desensitization, color and sound therapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and cranio-sacral.  He has taught homeopathy, herbology, nutrition and others. Helping people is his love.